Prostatitis in men: symptoms and how to treat with home remedies

Prostatitis is a disease that is often diagnosed in the stronger sex. The first signs of the disease should serve as a good reason to consult a doctor, because untimely treatment leads to the development of severe complications.

As a rule, the disease is diagnosed in people about forty years old, but young people are not immune to this trouble. Then we will talk about how to treat prostatitis in men at home.


Before talking about how to effectively treat prostatitis, it makes no sense to discuss the causes of its occurrence. All this is related to the infection that entered the prostate gland. Pathogenic microorganisms easily enter the prostate through neighboring organs.

Normal prostate (left) and prostatitis with signs of inflammation (right)

One important factor should be notedthe infection itself cannot cause the manifestations of this disease. Usually this phenomenon is invisible.

The disease develops under the influence of many factors.The most popular of them:

  1. The effect of cold on the body when a person is weakened due to weakened immunity.
  2. Sedentary lifestyle accompanied by stagnation.
  3. Systemic problems with bowel movements.
  4. Passivity and inactivity of a person on the physical plane.
  5. Improperly treated STDs.
  6. Prolonged sexual intercourse or a very strong sex life. The golden mean is better.
  7. Exhaustion, nutritional errors, emotional outbursts, etc. All this has a negative impact on health.

All these aspects together create a powerful mechanism for the onset of the disease. As a result, a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms that cause prostatitis is created.

Clinical picture

As soon as the disease develops, a person immediately begins to complain of a number of symptoms:

  1. Disorders in the functionality of the genitourinary area. Unpleasant sensations during bowel movements. There is no feeling of comfort after defecation, the stomach may hurt.
  2. Disorders of the reproductive system. In the stronger sex, feelings can be erased during intercourse. There are also problems with erection.
  3. A person with this diagnosis is usually aggressive, nervous and worried about his situation.

Manifestations of the acute form are usually very clear. Such a disease can literally surprise a person. The patient complains of fever, pain in the groin and rectum. The process of urination is also disturbed.

Often there are no symptoms at all. This is observed in the chronic form of prostatitis.

At the same time, pain and discomfort are felt from time to time, but to a lesser extent.

Is home treatment acceptable?

Disorders of the male reproductive system are the main symptom of prostatitis

Unfortunately, men visit doctors less often than women. Maybe it's related to permanent work or shame in front of doctors. How to treat prostatitis without leaving home, patients ask. But such tactics are wrong. How to treat prostatitis and how to treat itOnly a doctor can adequately reason.

Such measures can be taken only if the specialist has confirmed the desire to use folk methods or prescribed them as an addition to the main treatment.

It should be noted that today there are many time-tested methods to eliminate this disease.When it comes to health, self-medication is unacceptable, and in addition to treating your grandmother, you must follow all medical recommendations.

Treatment of symptoms of chronic prostatitis is appropriate at home and in combination with medication. That is, it is necessary to use both.

Elementary and effective methods

A quick cure for prostatitis in men is home treatment with pumpkin seeds. They have long been known for their healing abilities. Ancient people used this method to cure all diseases for a long time. They contain a large amount of zinc.

This element should be in the diet of men of any age category. Home treatment for chronic prostatitis in men is pumpkin seed treatment.Just thirty seeds every day and you will soon feel better.

Help with prostatitis at home can be provided with the same material in a purified form. The seeds should be crushed and poured with honey. You need to make balls from the resulting mixture. Every day, before meals, systematically, you need to eat two of these products.

It is necessary to chew the medicine thoroughly beforehand. There is no need to roast the seeds further. This action should be repeated once a year, after which the disease will no longer bother you.

Pumpkin seeds are an effective folk remedy for prostatitis

It is an equally popular methodchestnut therapy.You just need to take the peel from these fruits and pour boiling water on it. This medicine should be brewed for about an hour and taken as tea. You can also use this medicine to give an enema.

Juice therapy

When the question is about how to treat prostatitis at home, you can get an unexpected and pleasant answer. Juices, which are much more pleasant to use than medicine, have long been used for this purpose.

Asparagus, cucumber, carrot, and beet juices are very healthy. However, the prerequisite for such treatment is the consumption of at least 0. 5 liters of juices every day.

A decoction of black birch fruits is also used for therapeutic purposes. The medicine should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach in the amount of one large spoon. The course of treatment is about ten days. A spoonful of vinegar is added to the medicine. At the same time, the temperature may rise, which is completely normal.

Massage therapy

ComplexTreatment of prostatitis at home necessarily consists of massage.Many representatives of the stronger sex consciously avoid this procedure.

Of course, it cannot be called pleasant, but the high efficiency of the treatment makes you forget about unpleasant feelings and focus on the positive.

Such manipulation is almost the most effective for this disease. What is his secret? The fact is that massage not only fights against bacterial prostatitis, but also helps against absolutely all forms of the disease.

Manipulation actions:

  1. It restores blood supply to the prostate.
  2. Stimulates muscle tone.
  3. It promotes the effective release of secretions.
  4. Increases the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.

But such actions can cause significant damage.

In this matter, the action of amateurs is also unacceptable. The procedure is performed by a qualified specialist.

It is necessary to include prostate massage in the treatment complex for prostatitis.

Before starting, you should consider all possible contraindications:

  1. Bacterial form of the disease in the acute stage.
  2. Malignant nature of the disease.
  3. Prostate cysts and stones.

How to treat the symptoms of prostatitis in men at home if the drugs do not work? First of all, you need to pay attention to the massage.

Diet features and habits for prostatitis

The disease requires a person to completely change his lifestyle. Special attention should be paid to nutrition.

Along with medication and other medications, the doctor advises you about your daily diet.

Don't drink too much alcohol and don't add too much salt to your food. Drinking the right amount of water is extremely important. Salty, smoked, fried and fatty foods should be completely excluded. Boiling, cooking and baking are preferred.

Coffee and strong tea lovers should give up their habit. All this irritates the gastrointestinal tract and has a negative effect on pathology.

A person with prostatitis should have fiber-rich foods and fermented milk products on the table. Eating greens is very useful. The menu should be balanced.

It is worth preventing hypothermia of the body in the future,Never sit on cold surfaces. It is worth doing sports. If your professional field involves a sedentary lifestyle, you should warm up and exercise every hour.

It is important to eliminate bad habits and take control of your own health.

The result

Minor problems with urination and other mild symptoms should prompt such a person to see a doctor. Only a doctor knows what drugs and how to treat prostatitis in men.

At the first signs of prostatitis, a man should consult a doctor

In no case should you ignore your doctor's recommendations. Only complex treatment can be effective: it includes home remedies, massage and suppositories for prostatitis.

Antibiotic therapy can also be prescribed only by a certified specialist, and the patient must adhere to the medication regimen.

There is no need to avoid massage. Although this is an unpleasant, but very effective procedure. In general, treatment takes time. Pay more attention to yourself to avoid serious complications later.